I was at an event last week and one of the participants quoted Leo Tolstoy who once said:

“Everyone wants to change the world but no one wants to change themselves”

What a great sentence. In a single line he hints at why we find it so difficult to change ourselves – because it’s hard. There is no avoiding this simple truth.

Yet if we really want to transform our teams, organisations or something bigger in our society, then we need to start with ourselves.  Inward change leads to outward action. It’s only when we’ve done our own work and embody the changes that we are asking of others that we are capable of transformational work.

Why does this matter? Because the way we work, lead and do business is changing at an unprecedented pace. We risk becoming unprofitable, irrelevant and unable to add value to society if we don’t keep up.

The B Team and Virgin Unite published a fantastic report a few months ago called New Ways of Working that highlights the scale of this change ahead.

The report mentions leadership as one of the key areas of change. In a future where disruption is the new normal, businesses are going to need a different kind of leader to thrive and survive. I was delighted to see that Relume was mentioned as a pioneer in this area on page 38.

This means if we want to be a leader that can successfully navigate and adapt to our fast changing world, the change needs to first start with ourselves. 

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