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Death by Powerpoint

Steve Chapman explores impermanence in this illustrated blog…

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A Busking Book Launch

Absolutely terrible or a little awkward? 

I’ve long been fascinated by creativity.  My own creativity, the creativity of others, how creativity is encouraged or suppressed in the corporate world and the effect that this has on the energy, liveliness and hope and ambition of our organisations.   I have come to realise that organisational creativity is a…


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Behind The Mask

A Short Story About Identity, Status and Dressing Up as a 6.5 Foot Lion 

Around 2 years ago I decided to say “Yes” more to ensure that I regularly step out of my comfort zone and into my experimental learning zone.

One thing I said “yes” to recently was an invitation to dress up as the…


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Strictly Come Shuffling

I’m starting to wonder if I am addicted to improvising!  I find being on my feet and on the edge of not knowing what is going to happen next incredibly exciting, energising and a rich source of personal creativity.   The flip-side of this is that I find I get bored easily and one of my biggest sources of…


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The Day Simon Jumped The Mayor

“Should I sit down?” asks Boris as Simon makes his way up to the top of the start hill on his BMX. “No, keep standing Mr Mayor” comes a voice from the mass of gathered photographers, cameramen and journalists. Another call goes up “OK Simon – off you go!” and the founder of the East London Bicycle Organisation (ELBO) starts to pedal down the slope. He clears…


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