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Cracking Open

I hadn't ever been allowed past it, the protective shell around the inner experience that was at the heart of who he was. It was just too strong, the defences were a multitude and he left me wondering what it was that was so difficult that he wouldn't want access to. Our conversations were pleasant enough, I doubt I did much more at the start than be someone to talk to in confidence and…


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Where The Wilds Things Are

He is usually a mild man, known for his gentle demeanour and care for others. His smile is almost never absent from his face and his efforts are always on behalf of someone else. An e mail or call is never going to be a selfish one,…


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Efficiency and Dying Organisations

We are sitting in the boardroom two years after the last CEO resigned wondering what has happened to this once great and dominant organisation. It is all too easy to make simple comparisons between the last regime and this one that paint the old days as the halcyon time when everything was going in the right direction. The current CEO and board are some of the best I…


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Witnessing The Establishment

This blog is a response to the Chilcot inquiry but it isn’t directly about politics. It is about the power of successful, established institutions to over-reach themselves and sow seeds of their own destruction. It is also about our collective responsibility to investigate what is happening…


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The Artist's Bin

It was hard to imagine the business structure without his team there, their creation was based on the insight he was most proud of and couldn't let it go. We had admired his work over the years from a distance - he was one of those that the original Challenger research was based on. He is a little older now, a little greyer around the temples, a little more conservative in his dress, a…


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Shallow Breathing

We walk into the new section of the building, my footfall is definitely less heavy here, something has changed in the thickness of the floor covering, it is quiet here too, like we have closed the door on the real world of this business and entered some hallowed ground. I notice my breath is shallow and stuck at the top of my chest.

The two people we are here to meet…


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Anger Over Fear

At first I felt very angry, they were having a go at me, my whole body was flushed with an enormous surge of emotion. My mind was trying to grab anything that would get me through this and everything in my body was ready for a fight.

Then I stopped and gave it a little longer. It may…


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Red, Hot and Agitated

He is a big man, at a guess he is not far off retirement and not used to finding himself in this position. His face has gone bright red, setting a contrast with both his shock of grey hair and pink shirt. We are standing together in the middle of the room and the rest of his team, peer group and manager are watching our conversation. We keep pushing gently into…


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Missing Pieces

He was bringing me a whole new level of experience in the concept of denial. Our work had begun because there was persistent background noise around this senior leader’s tendency to push, dominate and bully his way into making things happen. Our early experiences together showed me a…


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The Challenges of Being Real

I am in the middle of facilitating a workshop for a senior executive team that has been having difficulty with its relationships. A heady brew of competition, isolation and attack of each other’s competence has left us in a bit of a difficult place.

It seems to be the thing nowadays, all of us exhorted to be authentic; I do the same in my facilitation. "Be…


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Movements That Change From The Inside

We had an unexpected and lovely surprise this month, an award of 'Rebel of the Month'  from the Corporate Rebels United community.  

I am so encouraged by a small…


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Scared of the Dark

"Can I sit on your lap now Daddy?"

"No - you haven't finished your food yet."

"Ok but when I have finished my food can I eat dessert while sitting on your lap?"

"Maybe - as long as it isn't slurpy stuff. What do you want for afters?"

"Ice cream!"

This has become something of a ritual for my daughters. The younger one particularly, loves the after…


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Sinking and Swimming At The Same Time

Most of the people we work with are responsible for leading significant phase shifts in the history of their teams,  organisations and sometimes their own lives. Based on what we have seen over the years in organisational practice, as the early stages of a significant change start to touch our day to day living, we revert even more strongly to those…


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My Inner Pavarotti

There are 14 of us, standing in a circle in a small, long, wooden floored, stark room in Camden. I have a feeling in me that I haven't experienced for a long time, that of being so exposed and vulnerable that I am fairly sure I am not going to make it to the end of this current exercise. That I may have to make a feeble excuse, step outside, grab some mouthfuls of fresh air and…


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Containers for Anxiety

I am facilitating a group of leaders on a development course; the group process sessions are a crucible inside which much personal learning takes place. They are usually testing environments in which individuals learn through feedback about the part they play in the group dynamic. They experience in real time…


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Power & Love

Why do I put myself through these development weeks? They are always full of well meaning and warm individuals who are struggling to make their work relevant for the rest of us. Yet I keep coming back because there is usually a nugget or two that fundamentally shifts my understanding of, or insight into, the world of work. But this time, two days in I'm starting to doubt my…


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Stuttering Through

We are ushered into the boardroom, it is large - filled by an imposing oval boardroom table, and this executive team takes most of the seats dressed in dark suits, white shirts and bright ties. They are in twos and threes deep in conversation about the last topic I assume, some of them look up as we enter the room give us a moment of their attention and return to their…


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Out of Kilter In The City

St Ethelburga's is a centre for peace and reconciliation in the middle of the City of London. It is based in a 1000 year old church almost destroyed by the IRA bomb that devastated Bishopsgate in 1992. 

Seeing St Ethelburga's survival as a symbol of hope in the face of outrage, the Bishop of London at the time suggested the church should become a Centre for Reconciliation and Peace.

A recent project at the centre is concerned with its role in…


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A Lost Connection

He talks quickly and walks as fast as he talks, I have a long stride but I am half running to keep up with him, I seem to do a lot of this nowadays. He has done well in life, is inherently self reliant and very suspicious of the value coaching may provide. As we walk through the office he breaks off the path every few steps to say something to one of his team in the open plan office.…


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Thinking About Ancestors

Having been born in Bombay I am grateful for the opportunity to fly back and forth to India for work; it is always a strange mixture of emotions that hit me when the airplane doors open and I submerge myself in the noise, heat, inconvenience and smell that is Delhi or Bombay. I am split - partly foreign alien that doesn't belong, partly homecoming to where I have come…


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