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Please Tell Me The Answer

It was with a mixture of anticipatory disappointment and fragile optimism that I watched Any Questions recently on the BBC. The news was full of the horrors of the refugee crisis and I was hoping to hear something positive from the great and the good appearing on the show; something that would give me reason to believe the future for these poor people would be better than the…


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The Cost (and Benefit) of Paying Attention

I often work at home.  And often when I am working at home I like a coffee in the morning.  And often when I like a coffee in the morning I treat myself to a couple of biscuits (especially if I have earlier been for a run).

It was on one such morning, with coffee and biscuits procured and on my cluttered desk…


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Red, Hot and Agitated

He is a big man, at a guess he is not far off retirement and not used to finding himself in this position. His face has gone bright red, setting a contrast with both his shock of grey hair and pink shirt. We are standing together in the middle of the room and the rest of his team, peer group and manager are watching our conversation. We keep pushing gently into…


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The Difference Between Rest and Recovery

Resilience is essential for anyone that wants to create change.

We did some research a few years ago by interviewing leaders in business that challenge the status quo.

Through these conversations, and our own experience, we noticed a number of common behaviours of what it takes to create a positive disturbance in a department, organisation or…


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Going Round in Circles

How often do you sit round in a circle at work, particularly without a desk or table in front of you?  Has that ever happened?  What did you notice?

We often aim for this when we are working with clients; assuming the table isn’t bolted to the floor and entwined with cables (an increasingly common occurrence).   When we manage to set up a room in this way there is often…


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Living and Learning

I had the absolute pleasure last week of working alongside a group of people who had deep levels of trust and respect for each other and huge passion and enthusiasm for their work.  They were also able in the moment to suspend judgement and keep an open mind on what could only be described as “out there stuff”(in relation to most traditional organisational mindsets) which my dear…


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The Challenge of China

Having read this blog for many years from my adopted base in China and heard all the doom and gloom reported recently in Western media about the slowdown in the Chinese economy I wanted to redress the balance and assure you that there is no shortage of people here who are actively continuing to challenge the status quo.

It has been fascinating to observe the challenger…


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Using Movement to Inspire Change

I can’t believe it’s nearly eighteen months since I joined Relume.

The learning experience has been steep. To work at…


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“You Don’t Know What You’ve Got ‘til its Gone”

 As many of you know, for as long as I can remember I have being studying part-time for a PhD. In fact I am sure there are some of you who probably thought I would never finish it and I have to say that the same thought had crossed my mind more than a few times over the years.  Well a couple of weeks ago I attended my “vive voce” and subsequently my research…


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Breaking From My Education

So is it wise to write a blog when you really don’t know what a blog is?  If, like me, your only recollection of reading one is a missive from a garden shed enthusiast (admittedly ending with a very fine picture of a humidifier) is this really a good idea?  Best get on with it then.  

So what has brought out the bloggeryness in me?  I have recently been…


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The Dance of Blind Reflex

We recently held our fifth Challenger Day. A Challenger Day is the chance for us to experiment with 50 or so willing guinea-pigs from many different organisations who are interested in the way that organisational and personal change is approached. Or to steal the words of one of the participants at the end, it was "the opportunity to reflect, explore, challenge and create." We…


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On Being a Man

I remember getting angry once about twenty-five years ago when I heard there was a ‘women’s network’ at BT.   I am not sure what I was getting so frothed up about.  I’ve always been an advocate for gender equality and I had no personal grudges against the women involved.   It might have been that this was a club I was excluded from, which activated a sense of injustice.  It might also…


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Missing Pieces

He was bringing me a whole new level of experience in the concept of denial. Our work had begun because there was persistent background noise around this senior leader’s tendency to push, dominate and bully his way into making things happen. Our early experiences together showed me a…


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Are We There Yet?

I was lucky enough to attend my first same sex marriage recently. It made me feel proud to live in a country where diversity has progressed to the point of equality … at least in that regard. Many of the guests might rightly have pointed out the time taken for this change to happen. The address written by the couple paid testimony to the many who had struggled to achieve the…


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In Search of Identity

In my 26 years of working at Aviva, I have performed numerous different jobs, with a variety of different job titles, all assigned to me in order to help create an identity of who I am and how I fit in at work. Initially, back in 1989, I was a Trainee Pensions Administrator – a new starter who joined Norwich Union on…


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Steamrollers are not nimble!

 Sometimes when I hear people discussing the issues they are currently facing in work I count my blessings that I have been lucky over my career to have worked for some great challenger leaders. One in particular, who I will keep anonymous, I could talk about at length for so many positive reasons, but for the purposes of this blog I want to discuss his notion of “the nimble…


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Moments of Strewth*

My work often means having conversations with people about their careers.  It always fascinates me to discover the paths we all take to end up where we are.  When I started in business, in the 80s, it felt like the paths were well trodden and straightforward.  By starting at point A, it was quite easy to predict that retirement would come at point D, via B and C. 

As time has…


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Feeling My Way

My personal development over the last year has moved in two parallel directions: an inward journey into previously unexplored areas of my self; and the outward journey of my self in the world.  In both directions I’ve discovered places I didn’t know existed.  They weren’t on my maps before.  I know that others have found these places before me, and much earlier in their lives.  But I’m…


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Holiday In Jakarta

Have you ever seen the musical 'Holiday in Jakarta'? The plot is far fetched (as is the plot in many musicals), it's about a local restaurateur who begins poisoning tourists because he's fed up with them invading his beautiful island. If your answer was 'no' then I'm not surprised. It's very unlikely that you would have seen it given that it was only ever performed once. Similarly…


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New Ways of Working

I was at an event last week and one of the participants quoted Leo Tolstoy who once said:

“Everyone wants to change the world but no one wants to change themselves”

What a great sentence. In a single line he hints at why we find it so difficult to change ourselves – because it’s hard. There is no avoiding this simple truth.

Yet if we really want to…


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