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How Else Could I Live?

I was stimulated this month reading an article by the Times' journalist Jane Macartney about the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo - a Challenger to the Establishment in China - demanding democracy and freedom of speech for the 1.3 billion population.

When she asked him…


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Believing My Ambition

Russell Taylor, VP Online & Business Development, Everything Everywhere.

When thinking about Challenger ambition…


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The Language of Ambition

"Possibility is not the same as opportunity. You can't define possibility on a spreadsheet - you have to talk about it until you get past all the reasonable reasons that get in your way of doing something remarkable. You have to say "I believe" more than "I think".

There is something…


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Dance, Prod and Shuffle

I was at a meeting with a potential client a few weeks ago and they asked me which parts of the work we’d discussed would add the most value.  They were rather taken aback by my response of “I don’t know”.  I explained that, in all the organisations that I’ve worked with, the success of the change and the activity…


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Resilience not Endurance

You don't have to spend long in the Challenger space to realise that what is really being asked of an individual is something that requires you to be willing to dig very deep within yourself again and again. A sort of perpetual alertness to keep pushing the boundaries of your own comfort zone…


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Growing Old Disgracefully

A question which has come up frequently during our Challenger research is “How do Challengers manage to hang on to their Challenger Spirit, particularly when they grow and taste success?” There are many organisations which start out as Challengers and somewhere along the way begin to play safe and to lose their edge,…


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Challenger Spirit Introduction

Challenger Organisations and those leading them often find themselves on the edges of what is accepted as the norm or status quo by the majority, the establishment or the market leader. In my case I often found myself challenging complacency, narrow mindedness or the proposition that something should only be available to those most privileged. Some of this came from my belonging to a minority in terms of ethnicity or class in my early school, University and employment history. My dear…


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