December 2014 Blog Posts (4)

Scared of the Dark

"Can I sit on your lap now Daddy?"

"No - you haven't finished your food yet."

"Ok but when I have finished my food can I eat dessert while sitting on your lap?"

"Maybe - as long as it isn't slurpy stuff. What do you want for afters?"

"Ice cream!"

This has become something of a ritual for my daughters. The younger one particularly, loves the after…


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What's The Catch?

The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself – Benjamin Franklin

The fact that the Constitution of the United States enshrines the right to the pursuit of happiness has always seemed to be me to be one of the more admirable sentiments it contains. The capitalism that has emerged as the dominant…


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Open Leadership

"Looking up, letting go and getting out of the way are, I think, essentials of leadership now. From my experience that is much more difficult to get your head around, and do well, than it sounds. I found it feels wrong, and can be hard to stick to when pressure is on, but does produce amazing results." fuchsia blue blog Comment, Nov 10th 2014 - Emma Browse - Senior HR Officer - Leeds City…


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The Urge to Escape

It happens to me quite often. And it seems to be getting stronger and more regular. Or am I just noticing it more?

Let’s be honest, my life is spent pretty much in the corporate establishment. My home life provides peace, excitement, nourishment, but it is a sort of safety valve. All my working focus is with relatively wealthy, relatively healthy, relatively happy, relatively…


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