November 2014 Blog Posts (3)

The Importance of Not Caring

Published on behalf of Tim Jackson, a senior leader at one of our clients.

There are two great answers that can identify an opportunity for change. If, in response to the question “Why do we do that?”, the replies come either “Because we always have” or “I don’t know”, you know you’re onto…


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Poetry Please!

In my blog in July, Mind Your Language, I wrote about a language of evocation being needed in relation to change, to supplement the more familiar exhortations around battle and quest. I am not suggesting that all the responsibility for this should be borne by leaders, but how can they and we create the environment where we are all invited into this important and more…


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Everybody's Problem

‘This feels extremely odd’, I thought to myself as I waited by a couple of comfy chairs and a table in a very busy office. I was there to run a training course and had been surprised to find that this particular organisation did not have a receptionist. I had gained access because someone had exited just when I was looking helpless at the security door and asked me if I needed to…


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