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Stuttering Through

We are ushered into the boardroom, it is large - filled by an imposing oval boardroom table, and this executive team takes most of the seats dressed in dark suits, white shirts and bright ties. They are in twos and threes deep in conversation about the last topic I assume, some of them look up as we enter the room give us a moment of their attention and return to their…


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Fear of Feminists In The Boardroom

It was day one. I’d recruited a small team of women to help me launch my business and during our first lunchtime chat we discovered that we were all proud feminists.

So that afternoon, I decided on the perfect welcome gift - a gold name necklace. Although as we all knew our own names, our necklaces just said ‘Feminist’ instead.

We wear our necklaces…


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The Challenger Cafe


I was having dinner with a client a few weeks ago. We were reflecting on how his work is developing, how his family is changing and whether he was on track to meet his purpose; written down several years ago after a coaching session together. Big ticks all round. It was gratifying to hear that.

Dinner continued in story swapping mode and two of…


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A View From The "Neutral" Zone

I have always liked William Bridges transition model (1991). The terms  “change” and transition are often used interchangeably, but Bridges highlights that there is a difference between them.  Change is situational and happens without people transitioning, change is quick. Transition is psychological and…


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Sorry Mr Toyota

This is a story which helped me to reveal a few of the many misconceptions I hold and turned some of my assumptions on their head. It was told to me by someone I met who works in the software industry and it was about a very large Japanese client of his who amongst other things, is engaged in shipbuilding. As you can imagine,…


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