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Definition of Defining


"A park bench is where we began. Specifically, a bench near the Bank of England - where I was sitting when I took a call from a woman called Birgitte Trafford.

She was the Director of Communications at DowJones. She called to tell me we had won her business. That she…

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Sacrifice and Service

I’m really special.  I must be because everywhere I go companies are telling me how much they value me and that they are putting me first!  The fact that they are telling all of their customers the same thing and that very few of them seem to really serve me particularly well is rather annoying.  



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Corporate Jester

A few weeks ago I was with friends in a little restaurant in the unpronounceable village of Pougnadoresse in Provence. The restaurant was Le Fou du Roi - the King’s Fool - a name whimsically reflected in its focal décor, a huge jester’s hat in white plaster, using the curves of the ceiling vaulting for support…


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Invention vs Innovation

Why you don't have to be an inventor in order to break new ground. Delivered by animation.

Animation by Kim Foster of plasticbaginatree.

Added by Kim Foster on November 2, 2012 at 14:00 — 1 Comment

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