October 2015 Blog Posts (3)

The Paradox of Risk

‘We need more innovation!’

It was our weekly sales meeting and we were clustered around the Head of Department’s desk to review new work in our pipeline.

The pipeline wasn’t looking bad, but it wasn’t great either. The Head of Department had joined the team a few years earlier with an entrepreneurial background and many great ideas for the future direction of our…


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Please Tell Me The Answer

It was with a mixture of anticipatory disappointment and fragile optimism that I watched Any Questions recently on the BBC. The news was full of the horrors of the refugee crisis and I was hoping to hear something positive from the great and the good appearing on the show; something that would give me reason to believe the future for these poor people would be better than the…


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The Cost (and Benefit) of Paying Attention

I often work at home.  And often when I am working at home I like a coffee in the morning.  And often when I like a coffee in the morning I treat myself to a couple of biscuits (especially if I have earlier been for a run).

It was on one such morning, with coffee and biscuits procured and on my cluttered desk…


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