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Made to Move

Are you sitting down at the moment? My guess is you probably are. Now pause for a moment and think about how it feels to be sitting. Do you have that satisfied feeling that comes after a long walk or run, or is the feeling more sluggish? Perhaps you’re mentally exhausted?  

I believe that we were made to move. Yet bizarrely most of us spend the greatest part of the day sitting. Need to eat?…


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Invitation to Help Cause a Reformation in Coaching

We will be hosting a series of three meetings to explore methods for contemporary coaching approaches starting later this year.  Our aim is to cause a reformation in a coaching practice which has been largely untouched for 30 years. Details can be found on this link:…


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The Challenger Coach Has Questions

I first began coaching thirty years ago.

If we spend a moment going back in time together we can paint a picture of what work was like and how those conditions created a response called Executive Coaching. 

It was a pre personal computer age and if you were a senior executive you were likely to have a personal assistant, an in-tray and a lunch…


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The Value of a Good Map

I am sitting with my coaching client and laid out in front of us on a piece of A4 blank paper we have a map; not a conventional map of course but in fact a constellation of the key elements in the issue he is struggling to unpack.

We are using arrow shaped post-it notes to identify the elements – in this case people including himself – and he has placed them using two key…


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Could timing be everything?

The only real way to train a dog is to positively reward the behaviour, which you want them to demonstrate and repeat. Timing is everything. I am sure most of you have witnessed a situation where someone is calling and calling their dog to come back to them and the dog, being a dog, has a sudden bout of deafness and carries on sniffing and chasing around. The…


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Coaching on the Run

I’ve been coaching Katherine for the past few months, and our contract has been to explore what purpose means so that she can bring sharper focus to her desire to develop her personal and professional practice. What made this coaching assignment different was that we agreed to hold our coaching sessions whilst running together.

We agreed to meet for an hour once very two…


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