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Courage on Stage

I've seen this moment before.  A choice presents itself clearly in front of the client.  Do they 'play it safe' and deliver the message the audience is expecting to hear or 'take a risk' and say what they feel needs saying...?  It often takes enormous courage to choose to swim against the dominant cultural tide…


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Not Playing Safe

Something significant happened to me recently, for the first time since I caught a plane on the night of 9/11  I paid full attention to the onboard safety video. On the evening of 9/11 there was good reason for the video to feel much more important than usual, I was nervous and on high alert, I was willing to try anything that eased…


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Out of Kilter In The City

St Ethelburga's is a centre for peace and reconciliation in the middle of the City of London. It is based in a 1000 year old church almost destroyed by the IRA bomb that devastated Bishopsgate in 1992. 

Seeing St Ethelburga's survival as a symbol of hope in the face of outrage, the Bishop of London at the time suggested the church should become a Centre for Reconciliation and Peace.

A recent project at the centre is concerned with its role in…


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Loneliness in the 21st Century

There were over four times as many people on the planet at the beginning of this century as there were at the start of the previous one. Affordable travel has brought most of the world into our compass. There has been an explosion in devices and applications designed to ensure we are always connected. So why can it feel so lonely for so many?

In my last blog (…


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