October 2012 Blog Posts (3)

Responsibly Breaking The Rules

Working for a large global company, as I do, has its pros and cons. On the one hand, you get to interact with as many smart people as you can possibly imagine, you have the resources to get things done and above everything else there is a good chance of doing things that really matter, like solving problems for big…


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Does It Scale?

Recently I have become very interested in the issue of scale.

In particular in the assumption that more, or bigger, is better (necessary even).  This assumption is everywhere.  Businesses seek more sales, more customers, more products and yet more growth.  Pressure groups want more supporters, more people…


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Rakuten - Learning Together

A core behavioural pattern underpinning the Challenger Spirit research was that of 'Challenger as Learner'. The capacity to push at the edges of your learning, to be constantly restless, was a key contribution to our Challengers maintaining a thought leadership position over their more dominant…


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