September 2014 Blog Posts (5)

To Declare or Not To Declare?

The first week back from the summer break and I was sitting discussing with colleagues the things we had done over the holidays. I happened to mention that I had done something that was on my list of “things to do” which sparked an interesting conversation regarding how likely things are to happen by chance or through some form of planning or public declaration. Since then…


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Brain Fireworks

As I start my new role as Organisation Development lead for Save the Children I was asked by the Challenger Spirit to write guest blogs about my experiences. I wanted the first blog to give some context and to throw out more questions than I currently have answers to.

So the new job came about because Save the Children and Merlin announced their…


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A walk in the mountains - reflections on movement and resilience

I have just returned from a walk in the mountains. By this I mean nine days trekking through the French and Italian Alps. I briefly passed through these mountains a few summers’ ago and have since wanted to spend time there.

I quickly fell in love with the towering spires of rock balancing precariously high above me and the green…


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The Sound of Silence

Are you getting enough silence in your life? How much does silence feature in your work?

As I write this I hear the questions in my head, the whirring of my computer, a clock ticking in the background, a soft high-pitched whistle in my left ear (tinnitus I believe), birdsong, and a faint sound of car engines.

As you read this please just pause now and listen to the…


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Sinking and Swimming At The Same Time

Most of the people we work with are responsible for leading significant phase shifts in the history of their teams,  organisations and sometimes their own lives. Based on what we have seen over the years in organisational practice, as the early stages of a significant change start to touch our day to day living, we revert even more strongly to those…


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