September 2013 Blog Posts (5)

Embracing The Spirit of The Challenger

The book The Challenger Spirit by Khurshed Dehnugara had sat on my ever-expanding list of books to read for longer than I would like to admit. The book had fallen off my radar a little until a client started discussing the work of Relume and the book. So I dug it out and finally got round to reading it and I am grateful that I…


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Redundancy Neither Fear Nor Favour

In your time in any large organisation you will meet people who long for a redundancy - calling it their 'lottery payout'. You will also meet people who live in dread fear of being made redundant.

Both groups of people are usually wrong. I have seen too many people who took the money eagerly and lived to regret leaving rashly. I have seen others who worked out…


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A couple of weeks ago I was sorting out my files in preparation for joining Relume and I came across a quote that we used at a Leadership Conference in 1999. I remember at the time how struck I was by it and not having read it for over 14 years it had the same impact on me all over again.  So much so that I used it in my leaving message to my colleagues in GSK and as their responses were so…


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The Inspection Whirlpool

I am catching up with an old friend of mine, a very talented leader I respect as much as anything for his no-nonsense common sense. We are talking about what we have been doing for the last couple of years and having exchanged news of our families, I ask him about the organisation that he has joined. It’s a very well known well respected brand, a behemoth of a…


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Mindful to Mindless

It has been a strange week. 

Today I spoke to 140 people in an organisation about the benefits of mindfulness practice on performance, alleviating stress and increasing resilience. At the end of the session a large number of people came up to talk to me about what they had heard and how it was resonating with them so powerfully. Many of them talked about sleep disturbance and…


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