September 2012 Blog Posts (3)

The Downside of Safe

Two of my colleagues were recently involved in a piece of work that met with a lot of resistance from some members of the client team. Having skilfully navigated around that, the work went ahead and was a significant catalyst to the development of the team and the culture they were creating. Afterwards they were…


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Just Practicing

My best friend invited me to go along to a concert with him at the Festival Hall which was being given by a very talented group of young classical musicians called Spira Mirabilis. He had seen them perform the previous year and had been stunned by their energy…


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Defining Normal

We are very interested in the role women and other minorities play as Challengers in organisational life. It strikes us that merely by showing up and looking different you are challenging the status quo, it doesn’t require you to say anything!

With this in mind we were stimulated by this conversation with Peta Hay, until…


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