July 2016 Blog Posts (3)

Working In Less Obvious Ways

I’m over it.

To be honest, I’ve been over it for days – the news, the TV, watching the politics and the games and the claims and the counter claims. The inauthenticity of pre-prepped speechifying. Entire massive hulking gnarly issues conveniently disappeared. The egos. The stubbornness and blindness. The platitudes and clichés. The energy it…


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The Sound of Silence

I feel pretty exhausted by all the noise and clamour of recent events surrounding our exit from the EU. The unedifying behaviour of our political leaders in the run up to the vote, that has continued into the subsequent leadership contests, and all of the fallout whipped up in the tornado-like frenzy of the media.

A week after the decision to exit I was in my usual…


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Witnessing The Establishment

This blog is a response to the Chilcot inquiry but it isn’t directly about politics. It is about the power of successful, established institutions to over-reach themselves and sow seeds of their own destruction. It is also about our collective responsibility to investigate what is happening…


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