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Oh those little things……….

 I am working away from home at the moment and whilst the quality of the hotel, bedroom, bed, and facilities is important, to be honest, almost any other hotel within a 20 mile radius of where I am staying can probably replicate all of it. I choose to be here because the staff are lovely and one in particular greets me with a huge hug, like a long lost family member who she…


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Mind Your Language

I have been thinking a lot about language recently; how we use it all the time but maybe don’t always pay enough attention to what we are saying and how we are saying it.

When David Whyte, the poet was asked by a CEO in the US some years ago to come and work in his organisation - and David was struggling to understand why - it was because, the CEO said, the language…


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Beneath The Veneer

What is truly at the heart of your organisation's purpose? If you scraped everything else away, if you dug deeply, if you pressure tested what you found in the face of dilemmas ... what would you conclude?

I ask this question because it is so fundamental and without an answer we run the risk of building organisations on very weak foundations; organisations that will get found…


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Best Before?

Today is my 50th Birthday. 

In all my life this is the only day I get to truthfully write that sentence.  And now the day is here it becomes a day just like any other (only with more cake!). 

I now realise I have been building up to being 50 for several months.  As I look back I see my own version of a grief cycle; denial…anger…more denial…depression…bargaining…a…


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Challenger Day 4 - Challenger as Learner

Here is a short video of our recent Challenger Day on learning. You can read more about the topic of learning and the run up to the day here and…


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