June 2015 Blog Posts (4)

On Being a Man

I remember getting angry once about twenty-five years ago when I heard there was a ‘women’s network’ at BT.   I am not sure what I was getting so frothed up about.  I’ve always been an advocate for gender equality and I had no personal grudges against the women involved.   It might have been that this was a club I was excluded from, which activated a sense of injustice.  It might also…


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Missing Pieces

He was bringing me a whole new level of experience in the concept of denial. Our work had begun because there was persistent background noise around this senior leader’s tendency to push, dominate and bully his way into making things happen. Our early experiences together showed me a…


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Are We There Yet?

I was lucky enough to attend my first same sex marriage recently. It made me feel proud to live in a country where diversity has progressed to the point of equality … at least in that regard. Many of the guests might rightly have pointed out the time taken for this change to happen. The address written by the couple paid testimony to the many who had struggled to achieve the…


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In Search of Identity

In my 26 years of working at Aviva, I have performed numerous different jobs, with a variety of different job titles, all assigned to me in order to help create an identity of who I am and how I fit in at work. Initially, back in 1989, I was a Trainee Pensions Administrator – a new starter who joined Norwich Union on…


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