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Taking Mindfulness Off The Mat: The Top Five Things You Should Know

People, who have grown up on a diet of objectives, goals, trying hard and not accepting things as they are, naturally find mindfulness practice strange at first. To lead is to be an agent of change, to practice mindfulness is to be an agent of noticing things simply as they are without trying to change them. You…


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My Mindfulness Experience at Bonhays....

I have been fortunate to have experienced 3 weekend retreats with Claire and the team since 2010.  I was introduced to mindfulness by a good friend of mine, Nick Mabey, and although I was sceptical, the thought of increasing my resilience at a critical time in my career seemed impossible to resist.

It’s very hard to put into words my experiences over the 3…


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Just Getting On With It

Nearly every piece of advice I encounter about how to improve my life includes some mention of the benefits of mindfulness meditation. It is strange that something which attracts such overwhelming support, was nonetheless something that I resisted introducing into my own life. My concern about regularly finding the…


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Taking Mindfulness to an Inner City Nursery

As I write this we are coming towards the end of a 6-week mindfulness programme working with the staff in an inner city nursery in a challenging area.  It is a buzzing place, where the children clearly have a lot of fun, and over last few weeks we have gained a sense of the difficulties the team there experience…


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From Despair to Where?

As I write this blog looking out at the rain on what would have been my 20th wedding anniversary I find myself considering the journey I have been on over the past three and a half years and seemingly small things change everything. This is not a sad blog (although there are sad parts) - it is full of hope, so stick with me.

Everything changed for me and those I love on…


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