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A Lost Connection

He talks quickly and walks as fast as he talks, I have a long stride but I am half running to keep up with him, I seem to do a lot of this nowadays. He has done well in life, is inherently self reliant and very suspicious of the value coaching may provide. As we walk through the office he breaks off the path every few steps to say something to one of his team in the open plan office.…


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Thinking On The Run

Went for a run the other morning.  Sometimes I like to use running as a time to think through some stuff.  This particular morning I intended focusing on a big conversation I am planning to have over the next few days.

As I ran I noticed my attention kept drifting off the topic I had planned to think about.  When I noticed this I returned my attention gently…


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The Difference That Makes A Difference

I went to a seminar this week featuring Dan Hunt, Sports Director for SKY Pro-Cycling and Senior Race Coach for London 2012.  The story of the GB cycling team strikes me as a perfect example of what a challenger organisation can achieve.

Twenty years ago British cycling was nowhere.  As a nation we had an underground cycling culture, we turned up to events…


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The Culture Riddle

I would like some help from anyone who thinks they could contribute to solving the riddle of culture change. Your stories, experiences, ideas, successes and failures would all be welcome. I think it’s a big enough problem for none of us to be embarrassed to admit we don’t know the whole answer.

I describe culture as a riddle because of its paradoxical nature: what is in plain…


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