April 2015 Blog Posts (6)

New Ways of Working

I was at an event last week and one of the participants quoted Leo Tolstoy who once said:

“Everyone wants to change the world but no one wants to change themselves”

What a great sentence. In a single line he hints at why we find it so difficult to change ourselves – because it’s hard. There is no avoiding this simple truth.

Yet if we really want to…


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Customer Blind

Why most organisations fail to breakthrough to great service

Stunned. Exasperated. Outraged. This is how we, as customers, regularly feel after interacting with organisations we pay for goods or services.

It’s as if many organisations we encounter are customer blind - they somehow can’t really see how poor our experience is. We encounter frustrating processes,…


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The D Word

The D word doesn’t really get discussed much in business. Occasionally you hear stories of someone in the work place who dies unexpectedly and when that happens the most common thing people say to me is “it really makes you stop and think…”

A few months ago I ran a mindful life retreat and as part of the theme of the weekend we were exploring what it means to make the most of our…


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Dumb Rules and Other Baggage

It wasn’t until I sat with a friend in a restaurant in France that I realised how many crazy rules I maintain which govern my life.

When I read the menu I liked the look of all the starters but wasn’t particularly enamoured with any of the main courses. Nevertheless when the waiter approached to take our order I dutifully chose one of each. In contrast when the…


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Dishonouring Honour

Have you ever completed a task at work and then looked back and thought “I know we always do that but actually I am not sure why” or “I don’t see the point of that but its probably just easier to do it than ask why we bother”? It can feel far more comfortable to be controlled by our habitual patterns of behaviour than to break out from them, or even just to be conscious enough to…


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The Challenges of Being Real

I am in the middle of facilitating a workshop for a senior executive team that has been having difficulty with its relationships. A heady brew of competition, isolation and attack of each other’s competence has left us in a bit of a difficult place.

It seems to be the thing nowadays, all of us exhorted to be authentic; I do the same in my facilitation. "Be…


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