April 2013 Blog Posts (3)

Thinking About Ancestors

Having been born in Bombay I am grateful for the opportunity to fly back and forth to India for work; it is always a strange mixture of emotions that hit me when the airplane doors open and I submerge myself in the noise, heat, inconvenience and smell that is Delhi or Bombay. I am split - partly foreign alien that doesn't belong, partly homecoming to where I have come…


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12 Point Crisis

The atmosphere is tense, people are distracted, I notice that there are heated discussions going on during the coffee break and that a couple of the team are missing when we get started again. I am told that they will re-join us as soon as possible but they have had to participate in an urgent conference call. I get the impression that a crisis has suddenly arisen and the team…


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Rehearsal For Revolution

Following on from my blog on Bertolt Brecht last month, I have been thinking a lot about drama practitioners I have studied in the past and their various methods and approaches to taking on the establishment by bringing purposeful instability to their work.  Whilst Brecht was committed to causing a disturbance from within the full glare of the establishment, others…


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