April 2012 Blog Posts (3)

Dixons Turnaround

Jeremy Fennell is a man in a hurry. The eCommerce Director for the Dixons Retail Group is acutely aware of the highly competitive nature of the sector he is in. We enjoyed talking to him and it reminded us we still have a lot to learn from the retail sector. They seem to have a more highly developed sense of the need to…


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Chief Cheerleader and Battering Ram

One of the consistent traits of our Challengers is that they have a scale of ambition way beyond what could be expectedfrom the budgets and people at their disposal. In a recent chance meeting with Julia, an old friend and colleague, I was reminded of what that meant when she told me about her recent…


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Living Life Backwards

A Gentle Exploration of Growing Old Disgracefully

Since completing the book we haven’t really written much more about this aspect of Challenger life. I expect it is…


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