March 2014 Blog Posts (6)

Burying The Good News

In our heart of hearts, what do we prefer, the joy of seeing one of our colleagues succeed or a moment of satisfaction when they fail? In English we lack a neat word for the latter but luckily the German language has bailed us out. Schadendfreude perfectly encapsulates a feeling that we should not feel when in theory we are all…


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Good Company Bad Company

Are there really right and wrong organisations?

We really appreciate how much some of our clients care for us, and our reputation. Sometimes this extends to advice about who we should and should not work with, in terms of protecting our reputation.   

Views like this are probably borne out of a sense of concern and of course it is impossible to know if they might…


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Breaking Bread, Together

I have been fighting the urge to write a blog about baking for some time now, thinking it not really appropriate for a place in the Relume blogging pantheon but I have finally given in. Why now?

In searching for a 50th birthday present (for me!) I came across a print for the collective noun for Cooks – a Temperance of Cooks in fact - from the delightful, and…


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An Inquiry Into Greed – Part 2

I was working in the telecoms industry in the early 90s as a product manager.  One day I got a whisper from a colleague that Pace Micro Technology, a company that made satellite TV equipment, were worth investing in.  They were about to win a lucrative order that would transform their business.  Their shares were 39p.  I piled in and bought about £3000 worth (a huge amount…


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I See I Forget...

If I had set out to design a theatrical scene to illustrate two very different approaches to teaching then I couldn't have come up with anything better than removing the outside wall of my house…


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When Being Strong Can Be Wrong

Early this week I was having one of those days. You know the sort, wake up early feeling tired not refreshed and everything you becomes a chore, no major disasters just one of those days. This particular morning I was joining the not so merry band of people who commute into London every day to go to work. So I hopped on a train, which became full very quickly and got off…


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