March 2012 Blog Posts (4)

Hult Global Case Challenge

We spoke to two dynamic young men this month - Yousuf Khan CIO and Ahmad Ashkar COO and Founder of the Hult Global Case Challenge. Hult International Business School has interested us in Challenger terms for a while. From humble beginnings it is finding itself growing fast and succeeding against the might of the long…


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A Horse That Can Fly

I’m usually early for flights and find myself browsing the airport bookshops.  Their primary target is naturally theubiquitous business traveller, suit jacket almost dragged off one shoulder by the heavy shoulder bag.  There he or she is, staring at the eye-boggling assortment of business…


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Always On

I read recently that, in the UK, the impact of us all keeping our electrical devices on standby is the equivalent of 2 power stations worth of electricity and approximately 7% of UK energy consumption.  

That got me thinking about how much of our own energy we spend in standby mode. It is only in the last 10 years or so that mobile technology has developed to enable the ‘always on’ executive.  Before that, once you left the office you were mostly…


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Don't Tell Me You're Funny

One of the more intriguing aspects of my work is when I encounter organisations who create the pretence of consulting with employees over some significant change, but where the solution has already been designed behind closed doors. This activity is often dressed up in the rhetoric of engagement and…


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