February 2016 Blog Posts (4)

Anger Over Fear

At first I felt very angry, they were having a go at me, my whole body was flushed with an enormous surge of emotion. My mind was trying to grab anything that would get me through this and everything in my body was ready for a fight.

Then I stopped and gave it a little longer. It may…


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Pussyfooters and Hammerers

When I was first introduced to the Confronting Model * by my colleague Claire Genkai Breeze many years ago I found it immediately helpful. Even without the need for any further explanation of the model, the way I had previously viewed confrontation was turned on its head when it was revealed to me that the etymology of the word ‘confronting’…


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Buried Light

Untitled. Over Iran, 2016

Vision is the art of seeing things invisible.‘ Jonathan Swift

I work with the invisible: oppression, power, love, creativity; the soul, perhaps even the spiritual. Working with the invisible has advantages – who could say that you don’t? – and…


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Finding my voice

A few weeks ago, at a conference closing dinner, I stood up and dutifully did my turn, reciting a Robert Burns poem to 150 people.  By the standards of my fellow Scots my performance was pretty poor, but the international audience that evening were none the wiser and seemed to enjoy it.  And while I was doing it I felt good.  Confident.  In control of my voice.  Me.




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