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In honour of red shoes

As a child I was a ‘day dreamer’ I lived in my head and gazed at the world, a kid who ‘never paid enough attention’. I think that was true. In more recent years I have come to realize that just because I ‘gazed’ it didn’t mean I wasn’t paying attention, it just meant I wasn’t paying attention to what someone thought I should be paying attention to.

Recently I found myself…


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Shame on you

Recently, as part of the Masters I am doing in Leading and Facilitating Transformative Change, I was part of a group conversation on the topic of shame, both individual and organisational. This has got to be one of the toughest emotions to talk about, even with people we deeply trust; in most organisations it is a subject to be avoided at all costs! However, if you can bear the…


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Perfect and unwilling to change

When I first saw the title to Khurshed’s new book I was blown away because in three words he had summed up so clearly what I had been trying to cause in my OD work for so many years but had not been able to articulate in such a simple way. Damn him I thought, how does he do this every time and then I found myself laughing out loud as I recognised…


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“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”

I am often reminded of this much used Franklin D Roosevelt quote when I re-engage with politics.  2015 offers the potential of a ground-breaking shift in the UK political landscape, with an election that leaves almost everyone scratching their heads when trying to predict the outcome.  And yet it is already clear that one thing has not changed; the currency…


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