February 2014 Blog Posts (5)

The Worst CEOs

“Archie Duke shot an ostrich because he was hungry” was how Blackadder’s Baldrick characterized the infamous shot in Sarajevo that was the prelude to the web of failures in diplomacy, leadership, foresight and communication that allowed the First World War to become a reality by summer 1914.    

It is difficult not to be conscious of the sad centenary that 2014 marks, and reading…


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Circle Time

My world and I suspect yours too when you pause to think about it, is full of shapes. There are lots of angular ones like rectangles, squares and triangles, and if you’re lucky, maybe a dodecahedron or something else in 3D. Whether it is the shape of the table in the meeting room you sit in every day; the file, tablet, book, or screen in front of you; the business and leadership…


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Customers Disguised As People

There is an old comedy routine I half-remember hearing years ago which began with the line ‘there are two sorts of people in the world, those who do divide the world into two sorts of people and those who don’t divide the world into two sorts of people’. The binary yet contradictory nature of the statement both…


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A Musical Moment of Reflection

I was sitting on the train last week coming home from London with a carriage full of people, when all of a sudden, for what I thought was no apparent reason, I started humming a tune to myself. Now usually when this happens to me it is because it is the last thing I heard on the radio or someone else’s ring tone but this time it came like a bolt from the blue. The…


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3 Difficult Questions About Courage

Over the past year I have been studying the topic of courage as part of a masters degree in coaching psychology.  And I have discovered that there are a number of ways of looking at courage.  Today I am considering courage as a process of alignment, and specifically of aligning action with intent, in other words aligning what we do with who we…


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