February 2013 Blog Posts (4)

Your Body Doesn't Know What You Earn

A new coaching programme from Relume designed to improve resilience, wellbeing and performance in 90 days.

Since we described what it is like to Be the Face on the Dartboard in the “Challenger Spirit”, we have been researching and understanding much more about the resilience and wellbeing needs of Challenger leaders.

We know that the pace and mode of…


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Ubuntu Mindset

My sister and I grew up during the apartheid years in South Africa. We were part of the advantaged few who had the privilege of opportunity, education and power that was so wrong, but the way things were. Both our parents worked, as did the surrounding neighbours in our well-to-do area. Every home had a staff of servants who tended the lawns, made the meals and looked…


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Who, Me?

I wish I had seen last night’s Newsnight much earlier in my career, perhaps 20 years ago. It might have given me the courage and insight to spend less of my time on developing strategy and more on developing organisational culture.

They were picking over the tragedy of Staffordshire Hospital where so many people died or suffered unnecessarily as a result of ‘the system.’

One of the…


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Breaking The Fourth Wall

If Bertolt Brecht were alive today he would probably be called a socialist playwright, or an alternative theatre practitioner, or both.  So imagine how it must have been him to be employed by the bourgeois theatres of 1930s Nazi Germany?  To find himself in the heart of an Establishment that both put food on his table and represented everything he hated.

Brecht had some…


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