January 2017 Blog Posts (4)

Meeting John Smith

Exploring my identity with masks

I am looking across the room at eight people facing me. 

They are quietly staring back, observing me, waiting for me to say something. 

I’m feeling uncertain.

My hands are slightly trembling. 

I’m on the edge of…


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Cracking Open

I hadn't ever been allowed past it, the protective shell around the inner experience that was at the heart of who he was. It was just too strong, the defences were a multitude and he left me wondering what it was that was so difficult that he wouldn't want access to. Our conversations were pleasant enough, I doubt I did much more at the start than be someone to talk to in confidence and…


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Discarding the Overcoat

In being asked to reflect on my work with Challengers this year I fell into a review of myself as a Challenger to my own establishment.

By way of biography, earlier this year I left my job and the company I’d been working in for 12 years. It had not always been a comfortable 12 years but it was known and understood and at times exciting and stretching. And it provided…


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Disconnection - The Near Enemy Of Non-Attachment?

Grasping, trying, desperate for signs of approval.  Showing off, dominating, making people laugh, anything to feel their validation.  Suffocating at the prospect of rejection, try harder, tell them a story, make them feel better.  Anything to make them love me.

This is often a voice in my head – the voice of my attachment.  In its grip…


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