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Is it safe?

I have always been fascinated by the contradiction between the commonly held belief that our business decisions should be rational and the weight of evidence which seems to indicate that this is far from the truth. From what I understand, we reach decisions before we are even aware that we have reached a decision and then we invest effort in being able to post-rationalise that decision…


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D is for difference

  A great leader, in my mind, possesses the ability to split from norms and express or be guided by their own contrasting convictions. Perhaps more importantly, they are able to do this for others too. Open-mindedness relates to the way in which we approach the views and knowledge of others, and even ourselves. Though it is natural to make assumptions and form strong opinions,…


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My journey into emotion-led change leadership

'I don’t want to be a leader who hasn’t done their work.'  That feels to me like an important statement of ambition.  But what does it really mean for me?

The essence of my career has been leading change: creating the conditions for change; shaping a new direction; delivering reform.  Like many people I'm motivated by the opportunity to make a real…


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Movements That Change From The Inside

We had an unexpected and lovely surprise this month, an award of 'Rebel of the Month'  from the Corporate Rebels United community.  

I am so encouraged by a small…


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My lightbulb moment

When I go to work, I put on my ‘go to work armour.’ It’s not a physical thing so don’t worry. This is about how I behave. It’s not like I make a conscious decision to act differently but there is something about needing to be confident, sure of myself, leaderful – well at least my own perceptions of it. Inevitably there is a bit of ‘acting like I think others…


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The Labyrinth

“Rowan, we need a labyrinth for Challenger Week. Can you find us one?” asked  Claire Genkai Breeze one morning last October.

For a moment I pictured one of those hedgerow mazes found in children’s theme parks and National Trust estates and wondered how I could possibly transport one to a…


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I Want To Be Led By Those That Have Done Their Work

“I want to be led by people who have done their work”

This particular phrase came out of my mouth during the course of our Challenger Week intensive training. We had been engaged in some experiential work that was helping participants to experience their defensive strategies in action.  Instead of talking the theory of self…


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