January 2014 Blog Posts (3)

Looking at Greed in a Different Way

Try as I might it is the topic that cannot be avoided. When I wrote a blog about the challenges facing us today (Seeking the new Beveridge) last summer I asked what readers thought was the biggest. Of all the verbal and written responses I received, greed was…


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Containers for Anxiety

I am facilitating a group of leaders on a development course; the group process sessions are a crucible inside which much personal learning takes place. They are usually testing environments in which individuals learn through feedback about the part they play in the group dynamic. They experience in real time…


Added by Khurshed Dehnugara on January 7, 2014 at 17:00 — 1 Comment

Not Just Dessert !!

This year I have made a conscious choice to keep a small diary of things that have made me feel good. A smile, an outright guffaw, an happy emotional sigh or even a lump in the throat, all will count. Now I could be accused of being too “Pollyanna” but I don’t really care because it is all to easy to focus on the negatives the things that get us down and the positives sometimes…


Added by Mandy Bennett on January 7, 2014 at 16:30 — 1 Comment

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