January 2013 Blog Posts (3)

Why I Took A Sabbatical

It was January 2012 and I was exhausted. It was the start of a new year and I was supposed to be refreshed and optimistic for the year that laid in wait for me. This is the point where I would normally set a number of goals for the year – professional and personal – and then chase them with enthusiasm. It is certainly the way I have operated in the past and it has served me…


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Can You Shrink It?

Rob Poynton's excellent blog, (Does it Scale?), reminded me of the culture shock I experienced when I switched from 20 years working in large corporate environments to being part of a very small business  (currently 8 people, some dogs and Clare’s…


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An Apology for Apologising

I have been apologising a lot lately. You know how it is, you get very busy and you keep telling yourself that you can fit it all in if you extend your working days, work a little at weekends or just speed up. In itself this wouldn't really make an earth shattering blog, but when i tell you that i am in the middle of researching and writing a book into…


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