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Establishment Foundations

I’ve been facing my fear for about a year now.  Prior to that I had 50 years on the planet not even knowing I head this fear.  How can that be possible?

Well my supervisor said I had ‘complex defensive structures’.   When she said it I was rather pleased because it sounded cool.  But then after going through some seriously painful learning it turns out it is not so cool…


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Meeting John Smith

Exploring my identity with masks

I am looking across the room at eight people facing me. 

They are quietly staring back, observing me, waiting for me to say something. 

I’m feeling uncertain.

My hands are slightly trembling. 

I’m on the edge of…


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Cracking Open

I hadn't ever been allowed past it, the protective shell around the inner experience that was at the heart of who he was. It was just too strong, the defences were a multitude and he left me wondering what it was that was so difficult that he wouldn't want access to. Our conversations were pleasant enough, I doubt I did much more at the start than be someone to talk to in confidence and…


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Discarding the Overcoat

In being asked to reflect on my work with Challengers this year I fell into a review of myself as a Challenger to my own establishment.

By way of biography, earlier this year I left my job and the company I’d been working in for 12 years. It had not always been a comfortable 12 years but it was known and understood and at times exciting and stretching. And it provided…


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Disconnection - The Near Enemy Of Non-Attachment?

Grasping, trying, desperate for signs of approval.  Showing off, dominating, making people laugh, anything to feel their validation.  Suffocating at the prospect of rejection, try harder, tell them a story, make them feel better.  Anything to make them love me.

This is often a voice in my head – the voice of my attachment.  In its grip…


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Where The Wilds Things Are

He is usually a mild man, known for his gentle demeanour and care for others. His smile is almost never absent from his face and his efforts are always on behalf of someone else. An e mail or call is never going to be a selfish one,…


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In communication less can be more

Recently I went to a concert at the Royal Festival Hall.  Having spent many evenings at the RFH over my 25 years in London I realised on entering the auditorium that all my previous visits had only involved the bar or restaurant – clearly I’m not as highbrow as I thought.

The concert was by Chineke! a black and ethnic minority orchestra who play both…


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Organisational Structures & Leading through Relationships

I’m thinking about structures. Organisational structures and restructures and the way we organise ourselves at work – how we plan, decide, action… you know, that configuration-y stuff. Partly, this has been sparked by recent work around matrix stuctures, and partly by reading …


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Ask a Different Question

Change is a deeply ironic thing. At its heart lies a paradox that offers a complementary way of supporting individual and organizational development.

Our world is constantly changing. The rate of change may be increasing, but it has always been in flux. This basic fact about the world is recognized by the maxim ‘you can never step in the same river twice’ – attributed to…


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Death by Powerpoint

Steve Chapman explores impermanence in this illustrated blog…

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Teetering on the brink

My  guilty pleasure is action films.  I’m fairly indiscriminate although I do think Under Siege with Steven Seigel may have been scrapping the barrel somewhat.  I like the mindless moralising, the very clear demarcation between good and evil and the fact that you don’t get to witness the cleaning up after Arnie, Harrison or Tom has saved us. 

My favourite without a…


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Wild Mind Writing Revisited– Discipline & Grit

So having tried a little Wild Writing recently, I wanted to know more. I bought Natalie Goldberg’s book and have been trying some of the exercises and experiments. It’s bloody hard!!!! And…


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Welcome your ignorance

I was with a friend last weekend when he made an offhand comment that struck me as unusual:

“I am struggling to find a mentor to support the next phase of my career”.

It was odd because he isn’t lacking access…


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Wild Writing & Doing What I Do...

Of course when Nick talks about “Wild Mind Writing” I become very alert. Everyone in the group seems to have heard of it – a practice, attributed to Natalie Goldberg, by which you write, free-form, without edit, censure or pause for a period of…


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A Dying Passion

I recently returned from a trip where I cycled to Barcelona.

Starting in London, I cycled with my friend Felix and broadly followed the 2016 Tour de France route over the Pyrenees and into northern Spain

We were meant to be competing in the…


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About a Heart from the Heart

This happens too often:

I feel tentative, my stomach clenching as I contemplate it.  My mind is going ten to the dozen with a toxic mixture of ideas of how to get out of it and images of the many ways it can go wrong and I can look bad.  Dread washes over me and, instinctively, without even knowing it, I turn my attention away.  To football, internet surfing,…


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Efficiency and Dying Organisations

We are sitting in the boardroom two years after the last CEO resigned wondering what has happened to this once great and dominant organisation. It is all too easy to make simple comparisons between the last regime and this one that paint the old days as the halcyon time when everything was going in the right direction. The current CEO and board are some of the best I…


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Working In Less Obvious Ways

I’m over it.

To be honest, I’ve been over it for days – the news, the TV, watching the politics and the games and the claims and the counter claims. The inauthenticity of pre-prepped speechifying. Entire massive hulking gnarly issues conveniently disappeared. The egos. The stubbornness and blindness. The platitudes and clichés. The energy it…


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The Sound of Silence

I feel pretty exhausted by all the noise and clamour of recent events surrounding our exit from the EU. The unedifying behaviour of our political leaders in the run up to the vote, that has continued into the subsequent leadership contests, and all of the fallout whipped up in the tornado-like frenzy of the media.

A week after the decision to exit I was in my usual…


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Witnessing The Establishment

This blog is a response to the Chilcot inquiry but it isn’t directly about politics. It is about the power of successful, established institutions to over-reach themselves and sow seeds of their own destruction. It is also about our collective responsibility to investigate what is happening…


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