An experiential day of practice and research hosted by

The Oxford Praxis Forum

Green Templeton College, Oxford University

The day is organised around these two questions - what are the entry points to a heightened level of awareness in our professional lives and how do we develop and practice this awareness day to day?

The interest in these questions is stimulated by our ongoing fascination with changes in organisational life. Some of the focus of our current research and writing is how corporate leaders develop a level of awareness in their profession that enables them not to have to rely on high levels of control, planning and certainty in order to keep moving. This is particularly relevant considering the difficult phase shift these corporations are currently in - from a mechanical age to a social age.

Systems that are reorganising and redefining themselves are usually chaotic at the edges of the status quo. They have to go through a degree of disturbance that exerts additional stress; so methods of developing awareness that are sustained when under stress are particularly helpful for this inquiry.

The day is being facilitated by:

Marshall Young, Fellow at Said Business School and Green Templeton College and Director of the Praxis Forum

Rob Poynton, Author, improviser and educator

Khurshed Dehnugara, Author and Partner at Relume Ltd

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I am a practicing musician and music specialist working in special education. I have a particular interest in improvised music making and have a firm belief that everyone has an innate and unique ability to make music.

Thanks & best wishes,  Alex

Dear Karen, Khurshed,
Date is noted, all is fine.  I look forward to being there.
Warm regards Chris

from Chris

Buddhist Mindfulness and awareness exercises

Mindfulness and presence body exercises

Some background to the neurophysiology of mindfulness and awareness

Exercises for cultivating awareness and insight

Hi Karen,

I know it's a few months off, but I'm really looking forward to this.

Blog Idea: Ok, here's the background. Over the past few years since I have had to make the change from being a TV Producer / Director, to creating a living as a... well... I'm not sure what I have turned into, I'm not really performing a role that has a specific job title... but what I am doing now... I've noticed that my business plans have very little to do with what I actually end up doing, in fact, in some way they have gotten in the way of me seeing some amazing opportunities, several of which I did not know existed, so it would have been impossible to plan them. So I've let go of my plans and trusted on my instincts and that if I put the energy in, then the opportunities will arrive.

Hi Karen
Many thanks for this invitation. Delighted to join the event

For the short paragraph.  How about something along the following lines:
My current interest is in ‘the fantasy of control’.  Aside from the question of how to control others, it seems useful to ask how much I am even in control of my own mind!  With our increasing recognition of the intrinsic complexity of both our own mental process and the multi-layered systems through which we interact with others, the achievement of control seems ever more elusive. 

A focus on simply deepening awareness, through practices such as mindfulness or gestalt, may offer insights into alternative and more skilful ways of influencing outcomes that are more effective, healthier and more harmonious to ourselves and others.

Regards,  Stewart

Dear Karen.

Looking very much forward to the days in Oxford.

My focus will be how or if listening to classical music can raise our level of awareness in our day-to-day life. 

best wishes, Helene


Hi Rob

The experiential piece of learning that I propose to share posits the following answers to your questions:

What are the entry points to a heightened level of awareness in our professional lives? STILLNESS.

How do we develop and practice this awareness day to day? MEDITATION.

There is information about me and examples of my work at

with warm wishes Tom

I'm in.  Enthusiastically in.
Thank you


Hi Rob

Sounds great - yes please! All best, Rebecca

I'm definitely in.... looking forward to seeing you all!


Wow! Yess - I'm most definitely in!
Thank you!
Majken :-)

Thank you, yes, I will be there!


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