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Khurshed was invited by Karsten Jung, Lifecycle Leader, to speak in Barcelona for pharmaceutical company Roche/ Genentech. They have a great Challenger story of their own in how Roche enabled the Challenger Genentech to thrive after acquisition rather than suffocating it. The focus of this conference was on developing a World Class Sales Force that could challenge long established habits. 

Khurshed Dehnugara was asked to be a judge at The National Business Awards for the Transformational Change of the Year category. The winner was the London Early Years Foundation. 


"The Richest Resident in the Cemetery" by Claire Genkai Breeze 

A Feature article published in HR Director / Issue 103, May 2013

Claire Genkai Breeze explores the four pillars of resilience and describes some of the key findings that are leading to new approaches to leadership wellbeing.

Khurshed presented to the annual conference of the Praxis Forum held at Oxford University 28-30 May 2013. Green Templeton College specialises in Post Graduate studies for the Management Sciences discipline. 

"The Oxford Praxis Forum works with senior practitioners to explore how they might engage with a top research university in ways that are mutually beneficial. Although they share a common challenge, the university and non-university practitioners must recognise the different paths they have taken have led to them developing different intellectual agendas.  These will inevitably affect the way they approach any challenge.

Practitioners in the corporate and professional worlds are engaged in tasks that are intellectually demanding but not academic.  Their focus is on knowledge that is actionable, that takes into account the implementation issues of context, values and power.  By contrast the practitioners in the University world are focussed on knowledge that is generalizable and meets the particular standards of analytical rigour this involves.

As long as all sides recognise and accept these differences then it is possible to explore joint approaches that make productive use of this tension."  

'Your Body Doesn't Know What You Earn' by Claire Genkai Breeze, published April 2013 in HR Review.

Challenging others in the workplace

"Dissenting views in an organisation should be expressed rather than suppressed" say Khurshed Dehnugara and Claire Genkai Breeze, authors of "The Challenger Spirit - organisations that disturb the status quo" in an article published  by the Institute of Leadership & Management.

Read the full text article.

For a second year Khurshed Dehnugara has been invited to be a judge for the National Business Awards / Leader of the Year. More details can be found by clicking here.

His role will involve participating in the Leader judging event on 31st October and the ceremony on 12th November 2013. 

The Leader of the Year Award is the highest accolade in the National Business Awards programme and the final Award to be presented at the Ceremony. This accolade recognises the personal imprint of the UK’s most high profile leaders on the culture and success of their organisations – with five high profile CEOs invited to participate as industry champions from the private, public and third sectors. Focusing on their achievements as business leaders over the last 18 months, and what they have achieved in the course of their career, this award presents five different but exemplary leadership philosophies.

Judges look at how these leaders have demonstrated the best balance between traditional board values and the new business environment – achieving measured and sustainable growth or driving improved performance through sound governance, robust strategies, real staff engagement, proven market knowledge, true customer insight and collaboration, with credible and ethical brand values.


 Every year HR magazine compiles the HR Most Influential ranking: the definitive list of directors and thinkers who have the greatest influence in the field of people strategy.

We are pleased to announce that Claire Genkai Breeze has been voted into 9th place of the Most Influential HR practitioners and thinkers 2013.

Please save the date for the exclusive event which will be held in Claridges on the 16th of September 2013 at which this year’s HR Most Influential thinkers will be presented.

Khurshed will be speaking at St Ethelburga's centre in the City of London on Friday 13 September 2013. St Ethelberga's is a centre for reconciliation and peace. Their distinctive approach is to create transformative opportunities for people to explore difference, division and disagreement safely and creatively.

The meeting agenda is built around the question - where are we out of balance in the City and what are the conversations needed between us?

As part of its 20th anniversary celebrations, the LID publishing group invited 20 of its authors, including Khurshed Dehnugara to contribute to this unique book. A collection of 20 lists, with each list containing points of advice based on each author's area of expertise.

Khurshed contributed a chapter alongside Dave Ulrich - consistently ranked the most influential HR thinker on the planet, Andy Law - former chairman of St Luke's Advertising Agency, described by the Harvard Business Review at the time as the "scariest company in the world" and John Grant - the godfather of modern marketing.

Spring 2014 has seen the publication of Asher’s first book ‘A Home for the Unspoken’.

Asher digs deeper into one of the key tenets of being a Challenger – the ability to witness the Establishment – by publishing 12 stories from the mess of organisational life.

In these stories Asher writes about things that lurk below the surface and sit outside the usual boundaries of corporate professionalism – feelings, emotions, fears and our actions that so frequently sabotage our big ideas, programmes and plans.

Asher also explores some of the themes from his book in a new article in Argent magazine published by the Financial Services Forum in May 2014 titled 'Resistance is Futile'.

In the article Asher discusses two parallel worlds in which the power and speed of a highly connected technologically savvy society rubs up against organisational rules rooted in a more industrial age. He illustrates a battle between the old model of order, hierarchy, control and planning and the new one of opportunism, rapid insight, emergence and learning.


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