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The Economist has published a range of business guides. The most recent on recruiting, retaining and getting the most from talented people, has used an interview with Khurshed Dehnugara and a range of references from The Challenger Spirit as source material. More details available here.

Claire Genkai Breeze took part in a round table organised by Management Today magazine that examined a range of questions under the banner of 'what makes a caring company?'. This was part of a broader range of activities led by Management Today into what constitutes healthy business. 

An article by Asher Rickayzen in the Training Journal about the way our underlying beliefs affect our learning potential both individually and collectively in organisations.

You can see the full article by clicking here.

Khurshed's new book now released and receiving encouraging reviews, some from the book are reproduced in this attached document and others also gathering on the Amazon website

Re-imagining Modern Leadership.

A new article by Khurshed Dehnugara published in HR Review magazine. 

"The past decade has seen a growing challenge to the legitimacy and leadership of our governments, institutions and corporations. It is particularly difficult leading at a senior corporate level if you first started working about twenty years ago. The picture this conjures, in my mind at least, is of someone who has been educated formally and informally in a particular frame of reference, and is now in the middle of a phase shift towards something new that they are not well resourced to respond to."

Delighted to see Flawed but Willing included in these recommended business book lists of 2014.

From Can Scorpions Smoke - focussing on books that deal with the messier side of creativity in organisational life.

From the Grow House initiative - in their section that focusses on books that explore executive coaching in organisational life. 

Khurshed writes a story for the Changeboard blog and challenges senior business leaders on their potential disconnection from their own emotions, and the needs of society at large. 

Andrew Baird, Editor of HRVille magazine has interviewed Khurshed as part of an exploration of the new book Flawed but Willing.

The article is called Future Imperfect - (why, in this new age, leaders must recognise their flaws to survive).


We had an unexpected and lovely surprise this month, an award of 'Rebel of the Month' for Khurshed from the Corporate Rebels United community.  

Corporate Rebels United is a recently established, self-managed, global movement with over 1000 members. Their members live at the edges of organisational life in a range of corporations, looking to challenge the status quo from the inside. They see this as a preferable alternative to criticizing / leaving their businesses; or alternatively getting subsumed into established and ineffective ways of working. 

The B Team is a global nonprofit initiative co-founded by Sir Richard Branson and Jochen Zeitz that brings together international CEOs and business leaders to make business work better. With 'Plan A' - business as ususal no longer an option, the “B” in The B Team represents the need for a “Plan B” for Business.

Their report published in January 2015 is an excellent synthesis of the key drivers and expressions of the 'New Ways of Working' they see as underpinning the future. 

Relume is mentioned in their section on The Future of Leadership, alongside the Management Innovation Exchange, the Center for Creative Leadership and the Harvard Leadership Initiative, as organisations working behind the scenes to bring future ways of working to life.

The Modern Leader - Powerless, Flawed but Grounded - Dr Arlo Brady examines the modern leader in the Huffington post and references Flawed but Willing.

The NHS Improving Quality team is a small group of Challengers operating at the edge of current thinking and practice in healthcare change. Its remit is about sharing disruptive power to influence the way the NHS changes. They have referenced some of our work here on Movements That Change From The Inside


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