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Stuart Snelling is a former Workplace Executive with the BG Group; he has a great blog called 'The Joy of Work' that contributes to the future of our working environments and cultures. Stuart has written a detailed review of Flawed but Willing that is one of the most thoughtful we have received. 

On 13th July 2015, Claire Breeze was invited by People Management (in partnership with Unum), to speak about mindfulness in the workplace

With insights from wellbeing and mental health experts, the CIPD, employers and HR practitioners looking at:

  • How modern research has widened our understand of mental health at work
  • The potential impact of mental health on the individual and the organisation
  • The role HR Directors need to play in looking after the mental wellbeing of employees and removing the stigma around mental illness
  • Practical ways to introduce mindfulness to the workplace.

Kandy Woodfield has now joined the Higher Education Academy as Head of Social Sciences where she is passionate about lifelong learning & helping organisations reach their goals. She has a great blog called 'Pushing at the Edges'  in which she recently reviewed Flawed but Willing

Alan Heeks is an author and campaigner on issues of personal and organisational resilience. His most recent book is "Out of the Woods - A Guide to Life for Men Beyond 50". He lives and works in Dorset from where he wrote a resilience perspective on The Challenger Spirit.

Claire Genkai Breeze ran a pre-conference masterclass at the Corporate Research Forum conference on 'The Meaning of Work'. She spoke alongside Ian McGilchrist, Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. 

"The meaning of work is a major issue in today’s organisation context, characterised by short-termism, relentless change, and constant financial pressures. Creating meaning is a function of many factors, including having clear purpose and direction, a conducive working environment, opportunities for collaboration and teamwork, and a chance to learn, make a contribution and grow. The discussion is far more than simply philosophical. It has important practical aspects, and yet in many organisations, meaning and purpose is not properly thought through."

HRville magazine asked twelve of HR’s brightest and best to recommend a book every HR person should have read in 2015. The variety is astounding – everything from textbooks to memoirs, novels to fables, history to etiquette..... and we're delighted that Flawed but Willing made the cut.


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