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I learnt the art of straying inter-railing around Europe.  It's a wonderful art and one I try to remember in London.  I find taking photos can give you a gateway to this space as you start to see the beauty in the ugly and the symmetry in the chaos.

That's a lovely idea. Could also give you an insight into or reminder of  the messages in the places you bump into.

A beautiful and ultimately tragic letter from Ted Hughes to his 24 year old son; on the life long struggle with our early development and implications of our psychological defences. 

Finding your true north. A helpful free resource pack from Greg Faxon that challenges the myth and constant pressure of finding your one true purpose in life. 

"Quisieron enterrarnos pero no sabian que eramos semillas"

They wanted to bury us, but they did not know that we were seeds.

Mexican Proverb.

Why am I alive and what have I been asked to do? Yes, me. 


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