Challenger and Establishment organisations in the news headlines.

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Unchartered Play

I must have been sleeping when these wonderful people invented a way of combining work and play to the benefit of all. What a fantastic piece of design, what a disruptive piece of thinking.


This ground breaking initiative which helps young mothers to access and use technology challenges many of the current norms in the digital divide. But it doesn't stop there, the knock-on effects in term of overall confidence are massive and have even surprised Sue Black who is the driving force behind it. She has been good enough to involve us in the next round of the work which is seeking to build on the pilot scheme. You can read about it here.

Falling Crime Rates?

An interview with the MP Bernard Jenkin this week tells the story of police targets simply leading to a distortion of behaviour rather than the desired change in crime detection. It's a reminder to all of us that a healthy pinch of salt it needed however good the story that the data tells in all our organisations.


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