"The Messy Reality of Change"

A CIO Round Table

Hosted by Relume and La Fosse Associates at One Alfred Place, London. WC1E 7EB

6.00 - 8.30pm, Thursday 26th February 2015

If you are working in an organisation that is not involved in change or if the change you are involved in is problem-free, then the CIO roundtable we are holding on 26th February 2015 will probably be of little interest to you.

However, if you are similar to the majority of organisations we encounter and are struggling with change in some form then we would be delighted if you could join us.
The evening will be facilitated by Asher Rickayzen, a Partner in Relume Ltd, and is based on his recent book, A home for the unspoken: 12 stories from the mess of organisational life, which explores the gap between the way we often expect things to be in organisations and the messy reality we really experience. For example, the gap between what a project plan is telling us and what our gut feel reveals is something that the machinery of review boards often deters us from examining even though it might provide breakthrough possibilities.

Asher suggests that our reluctance to work with this gap is the source of so many of the difficulties of change. If we're not careful we can invest more energy in pretending things are the way we want them to be rather than confronting the way things actually are. A search for best practice might provide comfort but it represents the forlorn hope that we can avoid difficulty.
The book is based around real-life stories and we hope you will share your stories as well both in advance and on the evening itself. We have attached an excerpt from the book and hope that you will furnish yourself with a copy from Amazon before the event.
Judging from roundtables we have run with Asher in the past we anticipate a stimulating, insightful, cathartic and fun evening!
Please reply below with your name and organisation to sign up on this event. You can click on the image below to get a free copy of Asher's book to read in advance of the event, using the Amazon gift code given in your email invitation. 

            Click the image to download the book

    Click the image to read an extract from the book

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I am really pleased to confirm that the following will be joining us

Marc Starfield - AstraZeneca

Thank you all for your contribution, it was definitely a lively evening, some of the comments you were kind enough to send afterwards:

"It was a really good event. Unlike so many of these things it was very useful and you Managed to get a good section of people to attend."

"The questions in the survey beforehand really made me think"

"Thank you again for chairing the event last week, it was excellent"

"That was a great meeting!"


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