A description of, and sign up for, the first Challenger Day developmental experience to be held on Tuesday 27 November 2012 in London. 

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Hi, I would love to join if I can? I attended a conference session with Relume only yesterday and it fits in very well with my beliefs and thought processes both at work and outside. I work in identifying and developing leadership talent in a global telecoms company. I am considered in the company as "rapid high potential" and "young talent" and so I do love to challenge the status quo and would really love to enable other young and older bright things to do the same :)


I'm Jo Kelly the Head of Partner Development for Waitose. I love the book so really looking forward to seeing how we can put the thoughts into action.


Duncan Forbes and Cathryn Ingleton from Co-operative Food will be coming on Nov 27th, along with Ella Overshott of Co-Op Financial Services.

Sofia Jimenez joins us from Invensys where she is responsible for European Learning & Development. 

Lois Buxton, Leadership Development Specialist at The Co-operative Group will be there on 27th.  Having met Khurshed at a conference recently I am interested in finding out more about The Challenger Spirit.

Hilary Burns, Head of Org.Effectiveness at Co-op Financial Services, will also be joining us.

Jo Payne joins us from RSA where she is the Head of Engagement and Performance.

Very excited about joining, learning, sharing and meeting everyone ....

Hi, I am Amanda Howe Senior HR Consultant at Nominet UK.  Thanks for the invite Roger, I would love to join the day and  explore with everyone.

I am delighted to say that Sandra Blake, Head of Leadership and Talent for RBS Retail, is going to be joining us as well.

Jackie Westaway joins us from GlaxoSmithKline where she is the VP leading the European Transformation Office.


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