A description of, and sign up for, the first Challenger Day developmental experience to be held on Tuesday 27 November 2012 in London. 

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Hello! I am looking forward to attending the day and meeting everyone. I am the Director of Leadership & Capability at Direct Line Group.

Hi there,

I'm Martin Crook, change management consultant. I'm currently working for Johnson and Johnson, very much a leading organisation and in the process of challenging some of their very established ways of working.

As ever with Relume I'm looking forward to my world being shaken and becoming enthused with a new set of ideas.


Hi all

I would also like to sign up to the Challenger Day.  It would be great to continue my own personal learning journey to be a Challenger Leader but also to look at how I stimulate that in the organisation too. I am the HR Director at Towergate.

Thanks & look forward to a great day.




Siobhan McKavanagh, Head of Talent for RBS Group Functions will be joining us.

.....and Rupert McNeil Group HR Director for LLoyds Banking Group.

Hi, I'm extremely excited to join and contribute to this event. I'm at the beginning of my journey as a challenger and hugely inspired by the blueprint for this event. I work on Strategy and Planning for Aviva. 

.....Kevin Page joins us from National Australia Group where he is the Transformation Director. 

..David Young joins us, he is Head of Leadership and Talent at BT Innovate and Design.

Hi there, I'm looking forward to joining you all. I am the international Director for Learning and Talent at The Body Shop.

Hello, Thank you for the invitation, I would love to be part of this experiment! I look forward to meeting everyone on 27th.  I am just starting a new role as Head of Innovation and Change at Centrica Energy.

Hi, I'm the Head of Executive and Team Development at Standard Chartered Bank and will be there on the 27th. See you all then for the experiment. 

Hi Steve

Mark Evans, Marketing Director for Direct Line Group will be very glad to be joining for the day


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