Challenger Days Experiment Five - Dance, Prod and Shuffle

We are delighted to be holding our fifth Challenger Day  on 30th June 2015 at the  Kensington Roof Gardens These days are intended to bring more depth to the ideas published in The Challenger Spirit: Organizations That Disturb The Status Quo

The Challenger pattern we will be exploring this time is Dance, Prod and Shuffle and in keeping with the topic of the day will be experimental in nature, adapting and flexing to what emerges as we explore and improvise together.

We are particularly interested in understanding more about how we are able to adapt and respond to rapidly changing circumstances. To continue to lead through the noise without causing or falling into drama. How can we work with everything that comes at us, how can we stay close to difficulty, come along side it and even dance with it? If we can really trust emergence and open our minds to possibilities, then surely more ideas and opportunities would flow.

We are interested in understanding what it takes within us to maintain enough control to manage our teams without it suffocating the energy flows that are needed to innovate and grow. 

For those who have not been to one of these days before please imagine being in a very light, spacious venue in the company of 40 or so peers who enjoy rolling up their sleeves, getting stuck-in, and sharing their own stories and insights as we guide you through a number of processes and enquiries.

To register your interest please send an e mail to or sign up to the Challenger Spirit community and reply to this discussion thread with your name, role and organisation. You can also see who else is joining us through the replies on this thread.



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To all at Relume and to fellow travellers, thanks for a great day yesterday.  As usual, it was thought provoking, uncomfortable and fun. 

Once again, your generosity in hosting and facilitating such interesting days is inspsiring; thanks for the opportunity to be involved.



It hardly seems possible that it was only a week ago when we were all together in The Kensington Roof Gardens - how time flies by! We would just like to thank you all once again for joining us and participating with such such passion and energy in our experiments exploring the Challenger Pattern of 'Dance, Prod and Shuffle'. 
We recognise that in the current business climate the ability to adapt and respond to rapidly changing circumstances is an ongoing challenge for most of us; so, if over the upcoming weeks you are experimenting in this area and are happy to share your ideas and learnings, we would love you to post on the  Challenger Day 5 thread on our website here. This way we can keep the conversations alive and the learning ongoing. Our Blog this month will kick this off by exploring the notion of 'living in the moment'.
If any of you have had your appetite stimulated for more experimentation as a Challenger, then we will be running a Challenger Week later in the year. The details of this can be found by clicking here.
As you know, we are particular interested in supporting the new generation of leaders as we believe they have the potential to offer something different and exciting.  That is why we have created a nine month Millennial Challenger curriculum to help them develop and fulfil their potential. If you think you have anyone in your organisation who may wish to join this programme, please contact:
Thanks again for a wonderful day ……………..Keep dancing !!


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