A description of, and sign up for, the first Challenger Day developmental experience to be held on Tuesday 27 November 2012 in London. 

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Hello! Thanks for stopping by.

On this thread you will find an initial description of our Challenger developmental experience. If you like the sound of it and want to be involved, please sign up to this forum and reply to the thread with your name, organisation and why you are interested in taking part. 

Challenger Day - Witnessing The Establishment.
Kensington Roof Gardens, London.
Tuesday November 27th 2012.

9am - 4.30pm.

These days are the next iteration of our work in bringing the writing in the Challenger Spirit to life. The book has been very well received and we are now in an inquiry on how to develop leaders in line with the principles in it. We are a little tired of the habitual way leaders are developed - this is a chance for us to try something different.

This first pilot will be a deep dive into what it means to 'Witness The Establishment'. You will be in a diverse group of 20-40 executives. Diverse in terms of organisation, sector, specialism, age, gender and cultural background. We will have intact teams present as well as individuals. The work will have a ground breaking, catalytic and confronting feel to it. 

We have invited you because we regard our relationship as one of collaboration, you are committed to learning and we respect your views. 

This is especially for you if:
- you thought you would have made a bigger impact on your organisation than you have to date
- you love the idea of being a Challenger but haven't found a way of being one yet
- you find yourself disconnected from the organisational discourse
- you feel weary about the way learning environments look, sound and feel
- you are disheartened by the state of our organisations, leaders and developmental experiences but haven't given up on them!

This is not a conference, a training day, a presentation or a sales pitch. We are at the beginning of something, it is a foundational day, we are not sure what is going to happen or how it will look and you will be a co-creator! The day is a good chance to experience the book in practice and take new learning back to your day to day work. 

If you like the sound of it and want to be involved, please sign up to this forum and reply to the thread with your name, organisation and why you are interested in taking part. We can't wait to get started!

I am Khurshed Dehnugara a partner with Relume Ltd and I am signing up to the day. I researched and co-authored the book that the day is based around and am desperate to experiment with the material. We have much more to do before the theory is available in a pragmatic form through which to develop aspiring Challengers. I expect this day to be a big step forward. 

Hi Steve - just working out the technology!!

I am Caroline Sharley, I work at Standard Chartered Bank and am signing up to the day to continue my learning on what it means to be a challenger leader - and to add some charge my batteries through the energising connections I know the day will bring!

Georg Toufar, CMO with Mundipharma will be attending the day. Mundipharma are the fastest growing pharma company in Europe and a Challenger to the Established players. 


Steve Hurst, Global Head of L&D at Invensys will be joining us for the day.


Jayne Haines from GlaxoSmithKline Talent, Leadership and OD is joining us too!

Delighted to say that Sarah Clark, Head of Talent, Learning and Development at Lloyds TSB will be joining us as well!

I am looking forward to joining the day, for the stimulation I usually get from a day spent with open minded, thought provoking leaders.  Paul Hunter - HP, General Manager for printers and PCs.

Jan Gooding joins us for the day from Aviva where she is the Global Marketing Director. 

Mazzy Cameron, Global Head of Learning & Development with Henderson Global Investors is looking forward to being there and sharing the day. 

Thank you for the opportunity to join your first Challenger Day development experience. I am really looking forward to meeting others who have signed up and hearing their views and getting some fresh perspective! - Lynne Highway, Head of HR, UK Retail, RBS

Mandy Bennett is attending the day she is VP for Asia Pacific, Japan & Emerging Markets at GlaxoSmithKline. 


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